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If you are serious about losing weight, why not give Slim Now and Stay Slim a try!  Just listen to the audio samples - or read the feedback for this CD. All titles recorded by Harley Street practitioner Robert Matthews - who has twelve years full time experience in hypnotherapy and has successfully treated some of the world's best known "A List" celebrities.

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This weight loss CD can help you to lose weight and remain slim. ..
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Slim Now And Stay Slim sample - (2:32)
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slimming hypnotherapy CD
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"You helped me a huge amount just over a year ago.  I downloaded your CD July 2nd 2008 as I was over-eating (crisps specifically).  I am now two and a half stones lighter, a neat size 10 and running the New York Marathon...."

Paulina Loxton

Slim Now and Stay Slim
(Length: 40 minutes)

Why not utilise the power of hypnosis to give YOU that extra bit of help losing weight? Just plug in your headphones and start benefiting straight away!

Enjoy being taking into a state of blissfully deep calm and relaxation as if you were experiencing a really good holiday. You will receive powerful hypnotic help for you to become and remain your natural slimmer body weight.

Hypnotic suggestion can have a deep and lasting influence over so many things relating to food and eating habits. It can affect the way you think about food, over your appetite, hunger pangs, food cravings, exercise habits and so on. 'Slim Now and Stay Slim' enables you to harness the power of hypnosis right now, starting from today, making the journey towards becoming and remaining slim much easier than simply using willpower alone.

You will find this is an uplifting, positive recording that will help you solve your eating problems once and for all. Of course, you could always opt to go it alone again, but why not harness the power of hypnosis to help you along the way, through the good times and the not so good times, the easy times and the not so easy? No matter how many times you play this CD or mP3 download, you will find it soothing, inspiring and empowering - rather like watching a really good movie. In fact it has been especially created with repeat playing in mind, so that the hypnotic suggestions become a little more deeply embedded with each listen.




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"I downloaded your weight loss session in early January. I am pleased to report that (bar two very tiny slips) I have completely changed my eating habits. My hunger pangs have gone and I am really enjoying the "new me" I have recommended you to my friends...."

Freya Pease, Ottawa


success stories

Hi Rob!! Thank you for helping me to go at least half way back to what I call eating normality. I enjoy listening to your words on a regular basis and can honestly say have never come across anything make such a difference as hypnosis...

Dana Johnston, Tavistock


More Confidence Now!

More Confidence Now hypnosis CD cover

£11.99 confidence link button

More Confidence Now!

If you are thinking of purchasing a self help CD or Mp3 download to help you with general self confidence (or self esteem) then make sure you choose a hypnosis recording. Hypnosis is the only method that can properly gain access to the 'computer' within your mind that decides your own personal level of confidence.

Hypnotherapy is like reprogramming the disks of this computer (that are usually write protected) with instructions for your natural confidence and feelings of self assurance to come through in all situations, wherever you are and whoever is around you.

Right from the first listen you should notice the difference but 'More Confidence Now' is designed to go on and to build up more inner confidence each time you listen. The methods used in this recording have been tried and proven over many years of daily practice in hypnotherapy.


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"Just wanted to let you know that I had my first weigh in at Weightwatchers last night (mon) and I lost 4lbs! Amazing!! . Thanks to the CD I'm so much happier in myself and my life doesn't revolve around what I can stuff into my face!!

A Betterton, Solihull


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Deep Sleep all Night Long

Hypnosis enables you to use the natural power of your own mind to solve your sleeping problem. Drugs and medication may have their place, but hypnotherapy is able to access the subconscious part of the mind that is in control of sleep and direct it to allow you to fall off to sleep easily and to enjoy a deep and refreshing sleep every night.

You do not need to be a good hypnotic subject to benefit, just allow the voice and music to guide you gently and easily into the relaxing state of hypnosis, which can often be as refreshing as sleep itself!


Easy Presentations

Easy Presentations hypnotherapy CD

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Easy Presentations

The power of the automatic, subconscious mind is an incredible thing - it can make a presentation or talk go smoothly and easily - but it can also release stress, anxiety, fear and block memory recall. Let hypnosis take care of this by making sure your mind is working for you, rather than against you when you are speaking in public.

How you really feel about yourself often comes to the fore when you are about to stand up in front of others and address them. Let the hypnotic suggestion in 'Easy Presentations' build your own natural feelings of self belief, confidence and authenticity.

Each time you listen this recording, you'll find your own natural ability to relax and enjoy speaking in front of others coming through easily and automatically.



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