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View CartHow to lose weight easily and permanently

If you have tried dieting many times but are still overweight read on...

This simple article holds no punches because I believe you have to be fairly tough on yourself to lose weight and stay slim. If you would prefer a gentler or more elaborate approach then there is no need to read on, there are dozens of conventional books and articles on slimming to choose from, hundreds of magazines that are full of diets, success stories, and tit bits. They are often illustrated with pictures of food temptations and talk about eating behaviour in terms of being "good" or "bad." Most of them claim they have discovered a way of losing weight that is easy, so long as you read through and absorb the many pages of instructions. With all the recepies, lists, points and instructions, in the end you can think of nothing but food, day and night!

I too claim that that my own method makes losing weight 'easy', but I use that word in a relative sense. Comfort eating can be like a drug addiction and escaping from addiction is almost never easy - you are very likely already aware of this through repeated failure to keep weight off. However, as you read through this article you will notice that I believe excess eating has nothing to do with being "good" or "bad" and you will quickly realise that the solution on offer is utterly simple by comparison with other methods. Also, it gets easier rather than harder as time goes by.

You may have tried slimming many times. You may have been on countless diets and used every bit of willpower and strength you could muster to lose weight - but eventually the diet has fallen apart and you have put the weight back on again. Even if you have lost weight, you have fairly quickly regained it all, and maybe put on even more! This is a well known scenario.

Nothing could be more demoralising, and quite often, the worse you feel about your failure to lose weight, the worse you feel about yourself - and the more likely you are to end up seeking the comfort of food - it's a vicious circle.

You might have tried Weight Watchers or similar programs, they might help for a while but here you are again now, still overweight. So what is the solution...hypnosis? Maybe you think you can be hypnotised into having a smaller appetite or go off certain foods altogether, or have hypnosis make you only eat when you are hungry....wouldn't that be fabulous? Maybe that's the solution!'s not as simple as that. You may be surprised to learn that although hypnosis is a very powerful ally to help you lose weight easily and successfully, using it to control your appetite is only one part of it. Hypnosis must be used to help achieve something far more fundamental than altering your appetite to stand any chance of working over the long term.

You have the power to change

All the misery of being overweight and the disappointment of the failed attempts at becoming or remaining slim make you feel even more unhappy and so you turn to food even more. Once anything in life becomes "forbidden" it brings out the rebel in you - and on top of feeling deprived of the food you crave, you long to be free from constraint and control, you long to do what the hell you want again. You envy people who seem to stuff their faces with food and stay as slim as a stick insect. The part of you that feels deprived grows bigger and bigger every day, until eventually it takes over and you end up eating what you want again.

Of course, comfort eating is not the only reason people become and remain overweight, but in all the years I have treated people with weight problems - I have found it is almost always the major factor. When not feeling very happy, it is quite natural for many people to compensate by eating snacks, sweets, confectionery, fatty food, junk food or large portions.

Comfort eating might achieve something for you in the short term (comfort, reward, compensation, treat etc.) but afterwards you feel bad about yourself, disappointed and that just means you need more comfort and that probably means more food. It's a vicious circle.

Hypnosis is not just used to reduce your appetite and get you to cut out snacks and excessive eating. It is much more subtle than that. To simply attempt to reduce your appetite for a while would be papering over the real problem that lies beneath. You may not be aware that here is anything under the surface that is bothering you, because quite often it is something we just don't want to face. If you are basically unhappy with anything in life it can lead to the habit of comfort eating. It could be being unhappy or bored in the evening or something more basic like being unhappy with life in general or unhappy with yourself, your situation or your prospects; or just simply upset about something. Miraculously reducing or altering your appetite is not going to be the cure - because the problem underneath the wallpaper will eventually soak through!

You've got to change. It's the only way out of this. You have got to break that vicious circle of: unhappy > food > overweight > unhappy > more food.

Overweight. There's no use kidding yourself, if you truly are overweight you have to face up to reality if you want to stand any chance of losing that weight permanently, you have to take a calm, honest look at yourself, your habits and your situation rather than kid yourself or put your head in the sand.

Comfort eating is like a drug addiction.

Comfort eating doesn't work. Becoming a comfort eater is like becoming a drug addict...using food for comfort, or to control your feelings becomes a habit, that at first you assume you can control, but slowly the habit becomes more ingrained and evolves into an addiction. Food gives you a short term fix but you end up feeling worse than you did beforehand once you go back into withdrawal. You might even kid yourself that it is the taste of food you are crazy about. That's similar to the naive belief that a drug addict is addicted to the "buzz" a drug gives them, not realising that it is the need to constantly come out of drug withdrawal that forces an addict to keep taking the drug.

If you use food like a drug then it can be as hard as breaking free from a drug addiction. Ask yourself: would you choose to be addicted to a drug? Of course not, but in many ways comfort eating is an addiction to food, and apart from making you overweight it creates misery, illness, shortens life, and creates low self esteem...just like being hooked on any other drug then!

Worldwide there is a pandemic of obese people hooked on comfort eating. Look around you. How many overweight people do you see on a daily basis? Too many I'll bet. Are these people all "bad" because they are eating unecessary food? Of course not, that would be like saying "all drug addicts are bad."

The answer is actually very simple (though not necessarily easy)

The short answer is to give up dieting - face the fact that diets only worK for a tiny percentage of those who try - and that nearly all of those who make it put the weight back on soooner or later. Instead, change your eating and exercise habits permanently and become someone who eats the normal amount of food for someone of your height and build, and who does a moderate amount of exercise. It really is that boringly simple - not necessarliy easy - but simple!

If you do this, almost nothing can stop you becoming and remaining your natural, slimmer body weight. It may be the best solution, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily easy. Some people may be so conditioned into believing that starving yourself by eating much less - until you are slim - is the only way to lose weight, that they simply do not believe that eating the correct amount of food for your build will work. They believe you have to reduce food intake to well below normal until you reach your goal. Of course, that is complete nonsense, and not only that, those drastic, traditional diets inevitably involve a lot of real hunger and hardship.

Imaginary pefect twin sibling

Imagine you had a genetically identical twin brother or sister who was slim, attractive and contented. All you would need to do, to become as slim as this yourself, would be to follow that twin everywhere and eat precisely what that they ate, and do exactly the same amount of exercise that they did for several months - and you would end up looking exactly the same! You would probably be surprised to discover that they never starved themselves, they never under- ate, and that they always enjoyed eating a reasonable, normal, pleasant portions. They simply eat normally to sustain their natural body type. On top of this you would also likely find that they just did a reasonable amount of regular exercise that they enjoyed.

In this scenario NOTHING could stop you becoming the same weight and looking as slim and as attractive as your identical sibling. There is no need to experience real hunger, no need to overdo exercise, the good news is - all that kind of suffering is unnecessary. You would however soon realise that this imaginary sibling was not a comfort eater, nor a greedy or lazy person, and certainly not a dieter. Saying goodbye to those things by adopting the siblings eating and exercise habits for life may feel a little bit suffering at first, but in fact it is simply the process of breaking free of a pointless addiction to food and becoming the "new you."

My latest hypnosis weight loss CD Slim Now And Stay Slim is basically a hypnotic version of everything you have read so far. It is not based on conventional dieting - instead it contains hypnotic suggestions that you will eat the normal amount for your natural, healthy bodyweight; that you will no longer comfort eat in any shape or form; and that you will stop eating when you are full. It is designed to end hunger pangs or the feeling of being deprived. It is all about losing weight steadily and permanently, about becoming and remaining your natural, slimmer bodyweight. Consequently you will soon notice that your stomach is shrinking and that means that you will begin to enjoy a new, reduced appetite.

Of course you may feel impatient to lose many pounds or stones as quickly as possible, maybe worried that your patience, enthusiasm, and staying power will wain if you try and go by any other route. You may also feel that you have a slow metabolism or that you are genetically handicapped to put on weight easily, yet lose it slowly. But unless you suffer from thyroid trouble, the sluggish metabolism belief is almost certainly unfounded. We are what we eat - just bear in mind that their are no overweight prisoners in concentration camps, regardless of their metabolism!

Greed and laziness

First of all ask yourself as honestly as you can....are you a little greedy or lazy? Are you a bit of both? Be as truthful to yourself as you can be here, because if you remain greedy or lazy, the chances are you will never, ever become (or remain) slim. Remember, it isn't about being good or bad, it is about making a choice. If a group of overweight people grin at each other as they eat "naughty" cream cakes, it is not because they are being "bad" - it is most likely because they are either addicted to sweet and fatty food, or do not have the strength to overcome greed.

We can get away with being greedy and lazy when we are younger, and often stay slim, but unfortunately, as the human body ages, with every decade it naturally produces more fat and less muscle. This isn't a quirky view held by a group of alternative scientists - it's a fact. The good news is that you can enjoy being slim at any age so long as you learn to become less greedy and lazy. It's your choice.

How to you do it?

All you have to do is eat the correct amount for your natural, slimmer bodyweight and you will gradually become that bodyweight. No need for "hunger diets", no need to eat tiny amounts of food. It may sound simple but it can be very hard establishing new habits. Regular hypnosis can be like a helping hand to help you to establish these permenant habits and ease you through the process, through the good times and the bad times. The more established the new habits become the easier it gets and the hunger pangs disappear.

You have the power to change and hypnosis can draw out a power from deep within you that you not even be aware you have! It won't force that change on you, only YOU can decide to change your eating habits. Once you start sensible eating habits, i.e. cut out excessive eating, the new habits will gradually become ingrained (so long as you intend to make them permanent) and your stomach will literally shrink as it gets used to the reduced amount of food. Once your stomach shrinks it all gets easier because your appetite will then reduce.

Take the addiction label seriously

Even if you successfully become and remain slim, and enjoy the new habit of eating normally for your natural bodyweight - you may be wise to stay clear of all comfort eating the rest of your life. Once you have been addicted to food, it is very risky to attempt to return to occasional comfort eating. This may seem unfair, especially as everyone else will indulge in a little excess from time to time, but if you have ever been addicted to comfort eating you cannot risk it. Think of it as being like being an alcoholic - it won't just be a 'one of' occasion, it will quickly return to regular habit and the addiction will inevitably return. There's no point in simply paying lip service to the notion that comfort eating is an addiction - only when you fully recognise and appreciate the implications of an addiction can you become free and stay free. You don't need months or years of group therapy to get to that point into your head, you just need to look into the past and, if the cap fits, face the hard truth....right now! Self knowledge is power!


Years ago I had a friend who was a keen rock and roll and salsa dancer. When she lost her boyfriend she put on masses of weight because she stopped going dancing for fear of bumping into him. She also compensated for the loss by bingeing on pizzas and cola. She put on two or three stones, or more, and eventually decided to go on a strict diet. She ate like a bird, just pecking at the odd crumb and eating salads like a rabbit for weeks on end, but to her frustration she only lost a couple of pounds!

Knowing I had a good track record in helping people lose weight she asked me for advice. I had to admit I was baffled, and more or less told her she must be eating something in excess without realising it. Months went by and still she only lost a few more pounds, and eventually she decided to be brave and return to dancing. Within a few weeks she was back to her former, beautifully slim bodyweight!

I learned something from her experience...I learned that exercise is a big factor in losing weight successfully.

I have a theory that something deep in the subconscious mind is monitoring how much exercise we do and gives us the body we need according to how much exercise, and the type of exercise we are doing. It is not so much that it burns excess calories but that it is telling your body you need to be slim. Like it or not, we are basically still primitive beings. In stone age times people who sat around by the cave were probably round and heavy whilst those who ran through the trees were slim. Nature is not stupid, it gives you the body it thinks you need. It knows how much you use your body and from that it works out whether you need to be slim or not.

When I use hypnosis to help people lose weight I almost always include suggestions that they will enjoy doing a little more regular exercise and abandon laziness, even if it just means putting on a CD and dancing around all by yourelf for a couple of minutes a day. Being lazy just means you will get the appropriate body sooner or later. It's not about being a good or bad person, it's more about making the right choice, and creating new habits.

Good times, bad times...

There will still be ups and downs in your life regardless of whether you are obese or a stick insect! There will still be pressures on you, disappointments, celebrations, triumphs and so on. But the hypnotic message is that you are abandoning comfort eating (and/or greed) because you are no longer using food like a drug. That addiction did not work for you - it just made you unhappy and overweight. Once you are free from your addiction to food and have established new eating habits you are better able to handle all the ups and downs of life, far better able to enjoy every moment.

Hypnosis can help you

You have the power to make these changes! If you feel you can do it alone then why not give it a try? On the other hand if you would like a little help along the way from hypnosis then Slim Now And Stay Slim will help you release that power and guide you along the road to becoming and remaining your natural, slimmer bodyweight. You have the right to break free from the pointless addiction to fattening, unnecessary food, and this hypnosis CD is designed to guide you along that journey, and be there whenever you need that extra bit of help.

Each time you listen to the recording the message will become even more deeply embedded within you. Soon you should notice your stomach shrinking and your appetite reducing quite naturally, and permenantly. This recording contains hypnotic suggestions to help you overcome bingeing, to handle stress, increase confidence and a whole range of other hypnotic treatments and techniques that have found to be effective in helping others successfully lose weight easily.

If, however, you feel there is a powerful underlying reason to do with your personal life or your past that that is preventing you from losing weight then you may be advised to seek additional help, for example, by undertaking one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions, in order to deal with those issues first. Please bear in mind that whatever source you seek help from, ultimately only YOU can create and maintain these new eating habits. Remember, hypnosis controls no-one, even when it reduces appetite for example, it works by unleashing that power from within you.

Once the new habits have been established they will become as deeply ingrained within you as were the old habits. "Slim Now And Stay Slim" is about helping you create and sustain these habits. The more established the new habits become, the easier it all gets!

Let Slim Now And Stay Slim help you become and remain the slimmer, happier, more confident person you have always wanted to be!







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