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Let hypnosis release the natural power of your mind to calm down and unwind! Just listen to the audio samples - or read the feedback for this CD. All titles recorded by Harley Street practitioner Robert Matthews - who has twelve years full time experience in hypnotherapy and has successfully treated some of the world's best known "A List" celebrities.

Ref: 1006
This hypnosis CD will help you to relax and unwind naturally at any time of day..
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Relax De-stress and Unwind sample - (2:45)
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hypnosis cd for relaxation and anxiety relief
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Subject: Stress CD

"Hi Robert, Wow, that hypnotherapy CD is certainly a very powerful thing! I am now feeling more relaxed and more able to control any "nervy" feelings. However, the feeling does persist a little and I think is is tied in with another problem which needs resolving.

Anyway, this is a great product which I am happy to recommend to all concerned."

Have a good weekend,



Relax De-stress and Unwind (Length: 28 minutes)

Just put on headphones, and enjoy being taken to an idyllic setting where your mind and body can relax and recharge as if you were enjoying the perfect holiday. Your subconscious mind will receive powerful hypnotic instructions for you to feel more relaxed, energetic and revitalized as you return to your daily life and to be able to handle stress, anxiety or difficult emotions much more easily.

Whether you just want to unwind after work or have a longer term problem such as worry, anxiety, panic attacks, or being in a 'hyper' state - there is no other relaxation formula quite like this on the planet. It is also a good introduction to hypnosis for those who want to experience the pleasure of trance....

This recording is a lot easier than going through all the bother and self discipline of learning self hypnosis, meditation or biofeedback - it does all the hard work for you! Not only that, remember a lot of physical illnesses has its origin in stress, and this daily dose of hypnosis could end up being of as much benefit to your body as your mind.

A well deserved little present for yourself, or a great gift idea. Right from first release, this CD has been the number one bestseller on this website.




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 Articles and Scripts


"I downloaded your de-stress CD to help me overcome a bout of anxiety and I have to say it calmed me down quite a bit...I also liked the music... I'm still using it regularly because my mood improves after each listen and I can't tell you how much more carefree and easy going I am feeling now!...."

Paramjeet Chawla, London


success stories

This is a beautiful recording!!! Sometimes I am imagine all kinds of colours and visualisations going on while I am listening - I look forward to playing it to unwind after work and the only side effect is that I have now cut down on my drinking...not bad eh?

Jorg Luehmann, Hamburg


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Custom Made Hypnosis CDs

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Custom made hypnosis sessions


For less than the cost of one regular hypnotherapy session you can now have a tailor made session, recorded especially for you that is almost the same as having a one to one session with me here in Harley Street, London.

These recordings are extremely popular with those who are 'regulars' to hypnosis, or who have experimented with a number of different hypnosis CDs in the past.

You will be asked to fill in a form which will prompt you to outline the problem or problems that you have been experiencing. The more detail you give the better, almost as if you were sending a fairly long email. The whole process is easier than it may sound and the results from these 'bespoke' recordings are often on a level with live hypnosis sessions. The great advantage is that they are tailored to your own specific needs and situation. You will get the full benefit by playing them on a regular basis.

If you are really serious about getting the help you need, there is nothing quite like a custom made hypnosis recording. You will find that going into hypnosis on a regular basis is a very pleasurable experience, which is heightened further by the music and sound effects you will hear in the background.

I have been making these recording since 2003 and have made them for people of all ages and for all kinds of problems. They are also useful if you have an unusual problem or situation that is not catered for by mainstream hypnotherapy.

Available in as a CD, Tape, or Mp3 download.


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"Hi Robert,
you were recommended to me by my good friend
Trelawny (whom you have helped previously). I am very pleased with the content of the relaxation CD you sent me. After a month of regular use I no longer feel so wound up all the time and my nerves are definitely stronger...

Sonia Williams, Cardiff


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Why not let hypnosis help break the cycle of anxiousness and lack of sleep? It is a safe, powerful, natural and non addictive alternative to pills and other remedies. Apart from anything else, going into hypnosis is refreshing and revitalising in itself and can not only help you get off to sleep and stay asleep, but can also help remove the anxiety and treat any underlying stresses or emotional problems that may be at the root of your sleeping problem.

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