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Imagine not feeling nervous in the lead up to, or during a talk, speech or presentation! Easy Presentations is designed to release a natural power that can take away the fear and make it all so much easier for you.   Why not check out the audio samples below - or read the feedback for this CD. All titles recorded by Harley Street practitioner Robert Matthews - who has twelve years full time experience in hypnotherapy and has successfully treated some of the world's best known "A List" celebrities.

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This hypnosis CD can help you to overcome your fear of presentations and public speaking. ..
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"Hi Robert, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my presentation went well I didn't have all the nerves I would normally have had traveling over.  Prior to the actual presentation, I was slightly nervous, but nothing like how I would have been.  Also, once I had begun I was really focused - so your Mp3 really helped me thanks so much.

I also got some really great feedback from others that were there on my presentation so that was lovely....."

Anna Chaudry


Easy Presentations (Length: 42 minutes)

Imagine feeling relaxed and free of pressure during the lead up to (and during) a talk, speech or presentation!

Just put on headphones, listen to this self hypnosis session, and start to tap in to the power of your subconscious mind to help you automatically feel confident, relax and focus off yourself when you are the centre of attention. Not only will you get tremendous benefit from the hypnotic instructions but you will also find that going into hypnosis is a very pleasant and calming experience in itself.

This recording has been refined over many years of experimentation using hypnosis to help those with public speaking nerves, and it is the perfect answer for anyone looking for a way to release their own natural ease, ability and confidence.

Almost everything that could possibly happen before or during a talk or presentation is dealt with in this ensure that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as if you were chatting with a good friend or sympathetic family member.

Most other self-help CDs bombard you with tips and advice for making effective presentations with the result that you end up feling more pressured and nervous than ever! They encourage you to model yourself on an imaginary, ideal public speaker who speaks in a certain way, smiles at the right moment, etc. etc. If you go down that road the end result will be that, at best you will come across as unnatural and inauthentic, and at worst your head will be so full of tips you won't be able to concentrate on what you are talking about!

'Easy Presentations' takes a very different and much simpler approach, which you will find powerful and effective. Whether you are giving a short talk or powerpoint presentation, let hypnosis take away all the pressure of that traditional, old fashioned "modelling yourself on someone else" approach, completely removing that weight from your shoulders. Let it bring out your own natural, authentic style and ability and make the whole experience far easier and less stressful than you ever dreamed was possible.

All you need to do is switch on the recording, relax and enjoy! Every word you will hear has been carefully put together to maximise the hypnotic effect in order to help you become more confident, more effective and feel more at ease when speaking in public.




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"I feel like a different person during presentations now! I no longer care so much how I look or sound in front of others...(just like you say on the CD)...and I'm a lot more focused, relaxed and not so bothered about the whole thing...a good result."

Silvie Hurst, Datchett


success stories

Dear Robert, I got your presentation download about 2 nmonths ago, as in my new job I have to do a lot of presentations and this is something that I've always dreaded...especially as I now also have to go abroad with my job. I have got to say that it helped me more than I felt was possible, I was bit nervous at first but the old self- consciouness seemed to automatically lift as it got nearer to my talk! I was amazed at how relaxed and confident I felt. On the next ocassion it got even easier and then as for the third..... brilliant, I feel it is all down to your cd, thank you for helping me Robert...

Antony Pitt


More Confidence Now!

More Confidence Now hypnosis CD cover

£11.99 confidence link button

More Confidence Now!

All of us feel confident in certain situations, whether it is with a family member or a good friend we can all relax and just be ourselves from time to time. 'More Confidence Now' is a powerful hypnotherapy recording that will help you feel more confident and release your own natural confidence at times when it may currently be blocked. It will also help increase your self esteem, self assurance and get you to relax in groups of people or in one to one situations.

There is no longer any need to feel intimidated, shy or tongue tired now that the power of hypnosis is available at your fingertips!

These recordings have been worked on and developed over many years in private practice treating those with confidence problems.


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"Having struggled with public speaking nerves for most of my life I have to say thank you for taking the edge off my fears big time! I now feel a lot more self confident and less pressured during meetings"

Michael Paisley


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