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If you just can't get off to sleep at night, or have trouble staying in a deep sleep then give Deep Sleep All Night Long a try! Hypnosis is the obvious and natural answer to your sleeping problem. Just take a listen to the audio samples or reed the feedback for this CD. All titles recorded by Robert Matthews

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This insomnia CD can help you sleep better and wake refreshed. ...
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Deep Sleep all Night Long hypnosis CD cover
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"....I cannot thank you enough for the improvements that I have already experienced. I have been able to get off to sleep without any problem almost every night! I am also regularly sleeping through the whole night, which I never even used to do, and I feel much clearer headed and calmer in myself...."

Natalie Chiasson

Deep Sleep All Night Long (Length: 35 minutes)

Hypnosis is the obvious and natural answer to your sleeping or insomnia problem. This self hypnosis recording is not only designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, but also to reduce stress levels and get you feeling more awake, alert and refreshed during the day.

You will hear my voice gently guiding you into the pleasant state of hypnosis followed by powerful instructions for your mind and body to allow you to get off to sleep easily and enjoy a refreshing and deep sleep every night. Hypnosis can be very similar to sleep in any case, and like deep meditation, has often been thought to be as beneficial and refreshing as sleep itself. Many people find that they spontaneously drift off into sleep whilst listening to this recording!

In many ways the mind is like a computer that is programmed by hundreds or thousands of disks. It's as if sometimes the normal, regular "sleep disk" can become dislodged for one reason or another and stop working. This can be due to stress, difficult emotions, anxiety or a whole number of reasons. However, in many instances, hypnosis can click the correct disk back into place and sleep once more happens automatically. Of course, this is just an analogy or comparison, but during hypnosis the brain seems to comprehend certain kinds of symbolism, as much as it does direct hypnotic suggestions and commands.

Deep Sleep all Night Long is a combination of all these things - hypnotic suggestion, computer symbolism and a whole lot more - all designed to instruct the brain to let you sleep easily and deeply every night, regardless of what is going on in your life. if you are having problems with sleep, then why not give it a try? Just put on headphones and let hypnosis do all the work.


The soundtrack

Incidentally, the music and sound effects you will hear in the background on this particular CD were specially developed for hypnosis, and create a powerful yet soothing backdrop. I've experimented with using all kinds of special, hypnotic sound effects and have found that the formula used on this title seems to take people more quickly and deeply into hypnosis than any other. There have been several requests from people asking where they can get hold of the music, and if it can be downloaded or purchased separately. I hope to list all the individual music tracks and CDs I have used on all my hypnosis recordings available for download here on this website - within the very near future.



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"Thank you for sending the CD which has worked really well for my son Sebestian. It seems to have had a very positive effect on him and he hasn't had a problem getting off to sleep since. I have now passed in on to my daughter and I will let you know how she gets on in due course....I recommend this product to anyone out there reading this who may be as sceptical as I once was about hypnosis..."

Christina Meadows, High Wycombe


success stories

Hi, I have tried many "cures" for insomnia over the years and have listened to a number of tapes, and a few have worked well up to a point, especially one by a lady practitioner, but I prefer the "sound" of your voice to hers! And have got to say so far I am pleased with the results....

Monica Varabally, Cape Town SA


Relax De-stress and Unwind

relaxation hypnotherapy CD

£11.99 relaxation button

Relax De-stress Unwind

This is the perfect recording for those who simply want to find a natural, easy way to de-stress, relax and unwind. It also makes a good alternative to meditation or biofeedback techniques - because all the hard work is done for you!

Allow the words and music to take you on a blissfully relaxing journey into your deep, inner mind, as if you were experiencing a great holiday. Let the hypnosis take you to a place where all your everyday cares and worries can be put 'on hold' for the time being.

This recording is designed to take you very deeply and easily into hypnosis, even if you sometimes find it difficult to relax or concentrate. The music and voice will relentlessly coax you further and further into a 'Nirvana' like blissful state - a kind of calm that is always there, just beneath the surface of your mind, waiting for you to return.

Going deeply into relaxation, whilst remaining conscious is incredibly empowering, but can be difficult to achieve by yourself. 'Relax, De-stress and Unwind' is now here to do the hard work for you! If listened to on a regular basis you will find that you begin to notice many positive changes in your daily life. You will be more in control of your feelings and emotions, less anxious about things generally, and better able to handle whatever life throws at you.


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"Just to let you know I had been at my wits end over lack of sleep till listening to your recording and am now managing to sleep much more easily...have cut down on medication and often drift off to sleep while i am listening..

Petra Gilewski , Amsterdam


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Weight loss need not be as difficult to achieve or maintain as you may have found in the past. Deep down in the mind is an incredible power that can be released through hypnosis. And, believe it or not, you have the power to lose weight and become your natural, slimmer bodyweight relatively easily, and remain at that size for the rest of your life.

Switch on this recording and you will quickly find that the hypnotic suggestions and music are taking you relentlessly and pleasantly to a place of power deep within your mind. It is a very soothing and enjoyable experience. Your subconscious mind will soon be absorbing the hypnotic directions with regard to reducing your appetite, cravings and the elimination of bingeing and comfort eating. You will also receive instructions for your energy levels and exercise motivation to increase.

All hypnotic content in this recording is based on weight loss sessions that have actually produced results in live hypnotherapy sessions. Some people liken the experience to an 'addictive' movie and afterwards you will find you are looking forward to listening to it again and again. Each time you enjoy going into hypnosis the suggestions will become ever more deeply embedded in your mind.


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This will give you some idea of the hypnotic instructions that are contained in 'Easy Presentations.' It is an uplifting, positive recording that incorporates all the best, tried and tested hypnotic techniques that evolved over the past thirty years or so and have been found to make talks, presentations and speeches happen much more easily and naturally.

Of course you could just try going it alone. You could just try calming down, and puling yourself together at the prospect of getting up and speaking....but why settle for that when hypnosis is now here to help you? This title has been specially created to give you the help and power you need to not only get over these fears once and for all, but also enjoy the experience of speaking in front of others.


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