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Robert Matthews

Hi, and welcome to Robert Matthews Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads. I have over 18 years experience in hypnotherapy and have treated people from all walks of life - including some of the world's best known "A List" celebrities. Each Mp3 has been developed through trial and error - the content is based only on my most successful live, one-to-one sessions. The result is hypnosis audio at a new level - a much higher level than has previously been available.
Once you put on your headphones and start listening, it's like actually having a powerful one-to-one session with me here in Harley Street, London - but at a fraction of the price! (continued below....)

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Mp3s: £7.99

(Approx. 30 to 45 mins)


Hypnosis for General Self Improvement by EILEEN VON SKOPNIK

As a special offer for anyone interested in trying out self hypnosis recordings we are offering a unique all in one general self help Mp3 by Eileen Von Skopnik at a special introductory price of £4.99. Listened to on a regular basis it is designed to give you improved confidence, more energy, motivation and better sleep. It will not only enable you to experience the relaxing and fascinating pleasure of hypnosis, but also provide you with powerful help in all the main areas of life. This cutting edge recording is a must download for anyone in need of a general all round boost. Available now as MP3 download.


Ref: 1009
General Self Improvement Mp3 ...
(Approximately USD 7.50 EUR 6.54)

Listen to audio samples of this CD

Hypnosis for General Self Improvement sample 1
Hypnosis for General Self Improvement sample 2
£4.99 Instant Download
Eileen Skopnik

"....I cannot thank you enough for the improvements that I have already experienced. I have been able to get off to sleep without any problem almost every night! I am also regularly sleeping through the whole night, which I never even used to do, and I feel much clearer headed and calmer in myself...."

Natalie Chiasson

(continued...) The great advantage that hypnosis CDs have over a live, one-to-one hypnotherapy is that you can enjoy listening to them again and again and the hypnotic suggestions will become even more deeply embedded each time. The hypnosis mp3 is an example of how twenty first century technology can help you reach your full potential from your armchair.

Listen to the sound sampes before you buy

There are plenty of other hypnosis Mp3s and CDs available out there on the internet - maybe you're not sure about which ones to choose? Incredibly, many sites do not even allow you to listen to voice samples! Some offer dozens or hundreds of hypnosis Mp3s - but quantity is by no means always a sign of quality, the content of many of their titles being almost identical because they are patched together using the same formula. The best thing to do is to ignore all the hype and huge claims of some retailers and make up your own mind - based on listening to the actual audio samples.

You will find two or three audio samples for each CD on this site. Every title has its own unique content and has been researched and road tested individually before release. Even the music or sound effects in the background are unique to each title.

Full CD Artwork and Inlay

If you decide to opt for a hypnosis Mp3 instead of ordering a CD you can always use a CD writer and make your own CD at home later on. Simply download the full artwork for the front cover, back cover and inlay card and print them in no time....then you will have a near identical CD, avoiding all the delay and cost of shipping!

I believe this is the first hypnosis Mp3 website in the world to offer this service.

For the less technically minded you can pay a bit extra and order the actual CD plus download the Mp3 download now, so that you can start benefiting from hypnosis while you are waiting for the CD to arrive.

These recordings are designed to take hypnosis audio to a much higher level

  • Unrivalled in terms of hypnotic content and power
  • Developed and tested in live, one-to-one therapy situations
  • High quality digital audio
  • Fast, simple download or purchase
  • Approx. 30-40 minute session
  • Available as Mp3 download £7.99 or CD £9.99 or Mp3 plus CD £11.99
  • Instructions included in text and PDF format.
  • Instant download link will appear once payment completed (download link also emailed to you)
  • Join newsletter to download free hypnosis PDF booklet ''10 ESSENTIAL things you should know before buying a hypnosis CD' (Instant download after free checkout)
  • Play as often as you wish
  • Do not use when driving or cycling
  • May not be suitable for people suffering from mental illness (consult your doctor) or those with a fear of walking down steps.
  • Best listened to on headphones.

Whilst nothing quite compares to a live hypnosis session, we are fortunate to live in an age when everyone can benefit immediately from hypnosis Mp3 downloads just by clicking a few buttons. In many cases you may find that for a small outlay your problem is resolved or considerably reduced. At the very least you will find that going into trance is a pleasurable and extremely relaxing experience. And, once downloaded, the recording is yours to use and keep for life.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on - I value your feedback,



Robert Matthews MBSCH (London)


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© Robert Matthews 2009 - all audio and artwork is protected by international copyright and no part may be used in any commercial production, or be reproduced or redistributed in any shape or form without permission. Anyone found to have infringed this copyright will be prosecuted. Health and Medical Websites



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"Hi Robert, the the CD was great, not sure if I can remember anything after I got to the bottom of the stairs but I have been sleeping like a log!...."

Beverly Johnstone, London


success stories

" I have finally got the confidence I've been looking for. Before I found this site I tried two or three hypnosis CDs and mp3s - but I now think one of the cheaper ones may actually have been doing more harm than good! To anyone reading this.....listen to "More Confidence Now" listen to this man and maybe he will do the same for you!!!

S. Cederquist, St. Paul


More Confidence Now!

More Confidence Now hypnosis CD cover

£7.99 confidence link button

More Confidence Now!

Imagine having much more confidence in every situation in life, enjoying a relaxed, self assured feeling wherever you go! Imagine being less self conscious in social situations or when meeting people for the first time - able to speak as freely and easily as you do with a really close friend or relative.

This recording have been developed over many years using hypnosis to increase confidence. It is also designed to reduce embarrassment, self doubt, feelings of inferiority, fear of rejection or whatever may have been holding you back.

So put on your headphones and get ready for more!


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Custom Made Hypnosis CDs

£60.00 custom made cd button


Custom made hypnosis sessions

Don't forget you can always have a CD or MP3 download custom made to your own requirements. I will make a 30-40 minute recording especially for you and it will be tailor made from the information you provide in a confidential form or via email. Click on the link above for full details. These recordings are popular with people who have less common problems or who cannot get to see me here in London for a one-to-one session. The turnround is usually 3-4 working days. You will get it even faster if you choose the Mp3 download option.


Download free eBook article
: '10 essential things you should know before buying a hypnosis CD'

"Just wanted to let you know that I had my first weigh in at Weightwatchers last night (mon) and I lost 4lbs! Amazing!! . Thanks to the CD I'm so much happier in myself and my life doesn't revolve around what I can stuff into my face!!

A Betterton, Solihull


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Slim now and stay slim!

Why not utilise the power of hypnosis to give YOU that extra bit of help losing weight? Just plug in your headphones and start benefiting straight away!

Enjoy being taking into a state of blissfully deep calm and relaxation as if you were experiencing a really good holiday. You will receive powerful hypnotic help for you to become and remain your natural slimmer bodyweight.


Easy Presentations

Easy Presentations hypnotherapy CD

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Easy Presentations

Imagine not feeling nervous in the lead up to, or during a talk, speech or presentation!

Just put on headphones, listen to this self hypnosis session, and start to tap in to the power of your subconscious mind to help you relax and focus off yourself when speaking in front of people.

This recording has been refined over many years of experimentation using hypnosis to help those with public speaking nerves. It is the perfect answer for anyone for anyone looking for a way to release their own natural ease and confidence.


Relax De-stress and Unwind

relaxation hypnotherapy CD

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Relax De-stress Unwind

Let hypnosis release the natural power of your mind to calm down and unwind!

Just put on headphones, and enjoy being taken to an idyllic setting where your mind and body can relax and recharge as if you were enjoying the perfect holiday. Your subconscious mind will receive powerful hypnotic instructions for you to feel more relaxed, energetic and revitalized as you return to your daily life and to be able to handle stress, anxiety or difficult emotions much more easily.

Whether you just want to unwind after work or are going through a more chronic 'hyper' state - there is no other formula quite like this on the planet. A great gift idea, or even a neat little present for yourself. Also a good introduction to hypnosis for those who want to experience the pleasure of trance....


One simple provide the highest quality hypnosis CDs and Mp3 downloads available on the internet - so that it's just like having a powerful 1-2-1 live session using headphones!


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