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The techniques I use in hypnotic audio

As soon as you put on the CD or Mp3 (download) you will hear my voice guiding you into the relaxing, very pleasant state of hypnosis. You will be completely safe at all times - at no time will you feel unable to open your eyes and come out of hypnosis should you wish - knowing this you'll soon relax into the whole thing and enjoy it. You'll hear me counting down in places, at other times I may take you to fascinating places or experience colours in your imagination. I may get you to imagine beautiful things and enjoy using all your senses, to hear things, even touch or feel things, or detect fragrances - all using your imagination.

I use a certain amount of visualisation for my hypnotic inductions but although being good at visualisation is a useful ability that can give no end of pleasure, it is by no means crucial for hypnosis, anymore than whether or not you see things clearly in your imagination when reading a book for example.

If you can't visualise, that is absolutely fine, you will go as deeply into hypnosis as any brilliant visualiser. Just relax and let your mind imagine whatever it wants to imagine, as you would if someone was reading out a story to you. The places you may be taken to during need not be seen at all, they are simply "props" like at the theatre to gain your attention and focus. All you have to do is go along with the whole thing and make the most out of it, try and enjoy it, and you will go deep into hypnosis.

Sometimes you may find yourself experiencing very powerful, life changing emotions, but remember you are in very experienced, professional and qualified hands. The thing to do is to just go along with things as you would if watching a moving film or something at the theatre. If at any time you feel you simply have to open your eyes and come out of hypnosis for a while, no problem, you will find you are always be able to this.

Robert Matthews hypnosis session

During hypnosis your mind will be given instructions and suggestions (directly and indirectly) using all manner of effective techniques, some very modern and others that have evolved over the last hundred years or so. Only what YOU want to happen in your life, following the session, will happen, so don't worry if any of the words you hear aren't for you, your subconscious mind will simply ignore them. You will remain the captain of this experience at all times, the hypnotist is merely the navigator.

At the end of the session you'll hear my voice waking you up and bringing you gently back to your normal everyday consciousness. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and with a feeling of well being all over, able to carry on with the day or evening as normal. Or, if you prefer, instead of coming out of it, you can let yourself drift into a pleasant sleep.

So...get your earphones, headphones or speakers ready and enjoy!

If you have any questions or need to discuss something with me please use the contact page of this website and I'll be happy to help you the best that I can.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a special state of mind obtained through focused attention, during which the unconscious power of the mind is able to "tune in" to what is being said and carry out instructions and suggestions. It can also absorb information and make changes that will affect any and part of the mind and body.

We all have this unconscious power within us, it is like a computer whose only purpose is to do the best it can for us and also ensure that we survive. If you've heard of the autonomic nervous system (e.g, the part of you that does things like make your heart beat) - this is governed by the unconscious mind. This tremendous power is not open to taking on board important new instructions all day long...there are too many important things that could be interfered is rather like a powerful computer, whose disks are "write protected" during normal consciousness.

The trouble is, sometimes these "disks" in the computer of your mind can, for various reasons, have the wrong or inappropriate instructions, for example you may be programmed to have a phobia....or to over eat too much....or to feel nervous in front of certain people - the list is endless. This is why hypnosis can be used so powerfully as a form of therapy. It is a bit like reprogramming your accessing the computer and then changing or replacing the troublesome disks!

Another reason the unconscious mind (sometimes called the subconscious mind) is protected during normal daily consciousness, is that it is highly suggestible. Like a small child, it tends to take things rather literally and in some instances believes everything it hears. Unlike the conscious mind it doesn't weigh things up, in other words it doesn't "think" or analyse. This is yet another reason why it is often compared to a computer, one that can only be accessed and changed in certain states.

For practical purposes, the easiest and most effective way of accessing and utilising this amazing "computer" power is hypnosis.

Going into hypnosis

Although hypnosis is potentially a very powerful state of of heightened suggestibility, it does not usually feel weird or feel like a big deal to be hypnotised. Some people expect to feel drugged up or controlled against their will, or unable let their mind wander. Others expect to go unconscious or feel extremely unusual at the very least! In fact, being hypnotised is an incredibly relaxing and pleasant experience.

Lets get this straight...whatever you may have heard (or seen on YouTube for example) you do NOT go to sleep during hypnosis, and you will not feel controlled, be controlled or do anything against your wishes.

Hypnotic sleep is very different to ordinary sleep. In hypnotic sleep you remain aware and in control at all times.

A lot of the amateur stuff you may see on the internet claiming to be hypnosis is simply role play. Although hypnotised people sometimes look as if they are sleeping, in fact, quite the opposite is happening, the mind is usually clear and more alert than usual. You'll often hear a hypnotist using the command "sleep!" - but the hypnotised subject will remain able to hear whatever is being said and will continue to hear and await further instructions. They will only carry out those instructions so long as they are in accordance with their true will.

The precise nature of hypnosis is a mystery (the computer comparison is just an analogy) - nobody really knows for sure what is happening - but understanding how we go into hypnosis isn't complicated at all. We go into hypnosis when the conscious, analytical, critical or wilful part of he mind starts to have a little breather WITHOUT the individual going to sleep.

Stage hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used for entertainment on stage precisely because people become much more relaxed, open, and less inhibited than usual (as they might do after taking alcohol) but they do not usually feel as though they have touched a drop of drink. A good hypnotic subject can perform the most incredible feats in this empowering, focused and relaxed state, things that that they would ordinarily be incapable of during normal consciousness (such as the ability to see something that is not really there) but they'll never go along with any suggestion that goes beyond a certain limit of safety or dignity.

One of the techniques used to induce hypnosis on stage is to get volunteers to turn down the critical faculties of the mind by convincing them that some kind of mysterious, magical or controlling force is being exerted over them. Belief is one of the most powerful and underestimated forces in the universe! Although hypnosis is both very real and very powerful, it is important to let go of the idea that being hypnotised means you will be controlled in any way. People on stage only agree to do crazy things under hypnosis because they want this to happen in the first place.


Don't worry, scary stage techniques and dubious hypnotic suggestions are never used by professional, qualified hypnotherapists and you will certainly not find them in my hypnosis recordings! The whole experience is positive and relaxing. The mainstream ways of going into hypnosis (used in most one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions) are:

i) Powerful relaxation of the mind and body

ii) Focused attention

In fact, focused attention quickly leads to mental and physical relaxation. Whatever you may have previously believed true concentration is never a stressful experience, in fact, quite the opposite. This is why the first hypnotists originally got people to stare at a swinging watch! Some still get you to stare at an object, either in a real one, or imagined. When the mind truly focuses it begins to relax very deeply, just as when meditation is achieved properly.

Once the conscious mind relaxes, the inner, subconscious mind begins to tune in to what is being said, but the conscious mind does not go to sleep. Imagine having phone conversation with a friend, during which somebody on a switchboard begins to listen in to your conversation without either of you knowing. Once the person on the switchboard hears of your requirements they make arrangements for you to receive help. During hypnosis, the subconscious mind is like that helpful person on the switchboard, it tunes in without you knowing, and makes changes, although you may not be aware that this has happened until well after the hypnosis.

Sometimes the only way people can be convinced that the unconscious is tuning in, is when say, an arm is instructed to lift up by itself (see the illustration of me hypnotising somebody above).

Listening to hypnosis audio

Ideally, your mind should remain clear and alert during hypnosis. When listening to hypnosis audio, If you do drop off to sleep at any point, simply return to the last part of the recording where you lost consciousness or resume from the beginning. The best way to avoid falling asleep is to avoid lying down during hypnosis and refrain from listening to the CD or download when you are feeling tired. If you have not been sleeping well recently, try sitting in an upright chair during the session.

As you let yourself relax and go into hypnosis you may begin to feel a very pleasant feeling of mental and physical relaxation. Sometimes this can be a blissful, life changing experience in itself. Many people would normally have previously, always dropped off into sleep at his stage of relaxation and never have experienced it whilst fully alert and awake.

You will not feel controlled or unable to exert your will should you wish to. If you are waiting for this to occur, or waiting to lose consciousness, you'll be disappointed because it will not happen. It simply means that, along with many intelligent people, you have been harbouring a very common false belief about hypnosis your whole life and are likely to feel disappointed or even tense. Even people who train in hypnosis harbour this belief until their first day of training!

The way to approach hypnosis is to just "go with the flow", just go for enjoyment.It's safe to relax because no-one and nobody will make you do anything you truly don't want to do.

As I mentioned earlier, being hypnotised can feel a little like being care free and uninhibited (without feeling as though you have touched any drug or a drop of drink) but you will never do anything that conflicts with your true inner values or that endangers you. Yes, it's true that some people begin to feel a bit "floaty" sometimes even as though they are able to float out of their body, but for the most part you will feel calm, pleasantly grounded, solid, safe and relaxed, as if you were inhabiting a relaxed, sleeping body that feels pleasantly relaxed and heavy.

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