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"10 essential things you should know before choosing a hypnosis CD or Mp3 Download"


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There are so many sites now offering hypnosis CDs and Mp3 downloads it can all get a bit bewildering. Some retailers have impressive looking websites with striking banners and huge claims for their products...but is this really a good indication of the quality or effectiveness of what they are selling? "10 essential things..." is full of useful tips and information which will help you to make up your mind and sort out the good stuff from the not so good, and quite frankly, the downright awful!

Treat your mind with the respect you would treat your body. Hypnosis is not a is a very real and powerful thing. There is a danger in buying or downloading hypnosis audio from unqualified, inexperienced, or untalented hypnotists, as this can end up doing you more harm than good. It is important to treat the mind with the respect you would treat your body. For example, would you book in with a plastic surgeon just because they had a flashy internet site that was full of promises?

I doubt it.

"10 essential things you should know before buying a hypnosis CD or Mp3 download" gives you an insight into what you should be looking for, and what you should be avoiding, in order to end up with a safe product that really works. It will help you to see through the hype.

Are cheap titles for £1.64 on eBay a bargain? I think you already know the answer to that one! Read how cheap CDs are often made or distributed by amateurs using extremely doubtful hypnosis scripts that can be found floating around on the internet. As I have mentioned already...poor quality hypnosis could end up making your problem worse or put you off hypnotherapy for life! Keep these cheapo products well away from you (and from your family).

Make sure you can listen to an audio sample. Incredibly, there are still sites that do not even allow you to listen to audio samples before purchase! Even the most inexperienced web designer can set up audio samples within a few minutes, so ask yourself, what are they trying to hide? Many of the biggest sites expect you to buy without listening (on the back of promises) or hide the audio samples away in a hidden corner! Learn exactly why hearing a sample of the voice and the general production is absolutely vital before buying hypnosis audio. Recordings may well contain dubious self help messages or lectures on every topic under the sun, from people who's opinions may vary as much as your average agony aunt! Make sure you hear at least a little of what will be embedded in the hypnosis, before you are hypnotised.

The voice matters. Learn why you should steer away from someone who sounds boring, or who is obviously trying hard to sound ‘mysterious', weird, or dominant. Also you might want to be cautious of those who adopt an extremely unnaturally deep vocal delivery. These affectations may sound impressive to some, and though they do no harm, they are unlikely to make the hypnotic experience itself any more powerful or effective. Lay people are sometimes surprised that most hypnotists use their normal, natural voices whether in a therapy setting or on stage for that matter.

Does quantity mean quality? Some sites offer literally dozens of hypnosis titles. Quantity may well be a good indication of choice and quality, but learn why this is not necessarily the case. You will hear about extreme cases where hypnosis CDs have been made to a kind of "production line formula" - most of the titles having the same introduction, the same ending and much of the same content, the only difference being a few minutes of original material (relating to the problem being treated) dubbed into the middle. If you bought more than one title you'd soon notice they all sound boringly similar.

Music or no music? Some professionals leave out music deliberately, but you will find out the more likely reason why music and sound effects are absent from hypnosis titles. Learn how the same piece of music is sometimes repeated until it becomes tedious, or how the same music is used again and again throughout a whole series of titles.

This is just an outline of some of the many things that are covered. Why not download the book and you will quickly discover all the essential information for yourself. If you're thinking of buying a hypnosis recording "10 essential things you should know before buying a hypnosis CD or Mp3 download" may be exactly what you need!

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Copyright notice. This book is absolutely free, however please note that usual copyright laws still apply and it is intended for personal use only. NO part may be copied (except for personal use) or re-distributed on the internet or by electronic, photocopying, printing or any other method unless permission granted. You are, however, more than welcome to link to this page.

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