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I don't usually edit the feedback I receive. That way you get to see what genuinely arrives in my mailbox...(with the permission of those concerned, most of who have wished to have their real names concealed).

Although this can mean they contain irrelevant bits - its better because I believe it is easier for you to tell that its genuine.

I started making CDs in 2003 becuase so many of my clients were asking for them. First I made "custom" ones to order - but that eventually evolved into the ready made range available today.

So here are some of the emails people have been kind enough to send me since I went online.


Re. Slim Now and Stay Slim

Hi Robert

I just wanted to let you know that I had my first weigh in at Weightwatchers last night (mon) and I lost 4lbs! Amazing!! I'm getting on really well and enjoying my new outlook on life and eating. I'm so much happier in myself and my life doesn't revolve around what I can stuff into my face!! Thanks to the CD I've found it really easy and I've had several challenges which I've had no problems facing.

Thank you very much and I'll keep you posted

Kind regards

A Betterton, Solihull


14 Oct 2008

Hi Robert, I hope you are well. I thought i'd just give you a quick update re my weight loss. I lost another 3lbs this week! Amazing. I've been sticking with it and have been listening to the recording as much as possible and every time, it gets ingrained more. I haven't put on any weight since I got the CD but i've had a couple of weeks of staying the same which is fine - my whole outlook has changed and I'm not nearly as stressed out about it. I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks and I'm hoping to lose a stone before we go :D Great that I now have the tools to change my eating patterns.

Thanks again

A Betterton, Solihull

Re. Slim Now and Stay Slim

Hello Robert
You helped me a huge amount just over a year ago.  I downloaded your CD July 2nd 2008 as I was over-eating (crisps specifically).  I am now two and a half stones lighter, a neat size 10 and running the New York Marathon.  Being slimmer meant I was suddenly attractive again and  I have been in a wonderful relationship just over 8 months!

Thank you so much for your help,
With thanks

Re. Deep Sleep all Night Long
Thursday, September 25, 2008 1:17 PM Subject: Thanks!

Dear Robert,

Firstly thanks for getting the recording to me so quickly! The CD was in my post box the very next day!

I cannot thank you enough for the improvements that I have already experienced. I have been able to get off to sleep without any problem almost every night! I still think to myself "will I really be able to get to sleep?" a bit, but I am getting better! And I am happy to take this slowly, gain more confidence and continue to work on breaking the habit of late night thinking all my problems through. I'm able to do this because I feel so much calmer generally, and maybe even no longer having to ask my doctor for sleeping pills again. I keep calmly reminding myself that now I have hypnosis I will be ok!.

Physically I have been finding that I am have far more energy now I am sleeping through the whole night more regularly, which I never even used to do. And I feel much clearer headed and calmer in myself as well, and just more comfortable and relaxed.

The next stage I would like to get to is to stop thinking about insomnia together, because as I say, it does still cross my mind. But I am taking it one step at a time, and recognise the huge progress that I have already made – and appreciate the benefits that I am already experiencing.

I need to listen to the CD a bit more than I do – I haven't had much chance to in the last few weeks and have only done it ‘properly' once or twice. A couple of times I have listened to it when I was really tired – just to see what happens in late in the evening! And I have fallen asleep at different stages each time (as it says I may on the cover!)

All in all, I am really pleased. I will continue to let you know how I do, but I think Im going to be ok now!

Many thanks,


Re. Deep Sleep all Night Long

27th May 2008

I got hold of your tape hoping it might be able to help with my chronic problem with insomnia.....which was also coupled with a fear of not sleeping. It sometimes happened if I had something on the next day, such an interview where I knew that if I didn't sleep I'd probably do badly.
I might go a few days, sometimes even a week, without a problem, but then it resurfaced, often on a Sunday night before returning to work. I felt tense and anxious when I went to bed and would sometimes will lie there all night without sleeping at all. Obviously it made work the next day very hard. I tried various methods of getting rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings and was eventually prescribed zopliclone and citolopram. I also bought several books and tapes - but wasn't able to eliminate the problem. Since trying “Deep Sleep Every Night” my ability to sleep normally has definitely “clicked back” and I am extremely grateful to say the least. Thanks again, and you may use this letter in any way you wish, but would rather you did not mention my name,



Re. Relax, De-stress and Unwind

21 may 2009

Hi Robert,

All is going well.

Have been listening to the hypnosis recording and find it really does help me to relax.

I won't be able to come on Monday 25th as we agreed, so could we re-schedule the appointment to next Thursday afternoon instead? If not, then any time during the week beginning June 1st.

Let me know.



Re. Relax, De-stress and Unwind


I've now received the CD. I think its great and very professional and really enjoyed the first listen. It seems much better than any of the self hypnosis cds (paul mckenna, glenn harrold) I've ever brought.

I know it will probably take some time to get me out of my current state, but I believe it will help.

Thanks again,


Re. Relax, De-stress and Unwind

From : A : 28th Nov 2008

Subject: Stress CD

Hi Robert,

Wow, that hypnotherapy CD is certainly a very
powerful thing! I am now feeling more relaxed and more
able to control any "nervy" feelings. However, the
feeling does persist a little and I think is is tied
in with another problem I have which is a bit embarassing!

Anyway, this is a great product which I am happy to recommend to all concerned.

Have a good weekend,


Re. Easy Presentations

Thank you so much for the CD for helping me with my best man's speech. It went unbelievably well. Lots of people thought it was one of the best they'd ever heard. Standing up and speaking in front of a room full of people was one of my worst nightmares, so to have done it and done it well feels absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed it so much, I'm kind of hoping someone asks me to do another!


Re. Easy Presentations

15 oct 2008

Hi Robert

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my presentation went well – I didn't have all the nerves I would normally have had travelling over.  Prior to the actual presentation, I was slightly nervous, but nothing like how I would have been.  Also, once I had begun I was really focused - so your Mp3 really helped me – thanks so much.

I also got some really great feedback from others that were there on my presentation so that was lovely.

Once again, many thanks and I will certainly be recommending you to my colleague.

Anna Chaudry

Re. Easy Presentations

28 feb 2008

Hi Robert

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the recording. I listened to it about 20 minutes before 'the big presentation' and it really helped as I am sure did the original hypnotherapy. So thanks very much for all your help and hopefully  the major symptoms have gone for ever!!

I will be in touch about setting up a meeting for the smoking as well.

All the best


Re. Easy Presentations

july 2009

Hi Robert,
Hope you are well. Thankyou I got the recording becaue I thought it might help me overcome my fear of blushing.
I had the final big group presentation this week at college, It was great, it didn't occur to me that I might blush, I just talked and enjoyed it, and because there wasn't this little voice saying, 'your gonna blush', 'yep here it comes', 'oh no now im blushing', and not being able to concentrate, instead I actually thought of other things to say. Afterwards I thought, hey I didnt blush, brilliant the hypnotherapy helped me.
anyway take care

Re. More Confidence Now!

28 april 2009

Subject : More Confidence Mp3

Robert I downloaded your CD back in February 2008 to help me with my self confidence, I have to say your recording seemed to have an extremely positive impact on my life and helped me no end. I would like your help again! I suffer from IBS and have tried all sorts of medicines to help, my doctor has recommended I give hypnotherapy a go after my positive experience last year. Would it be possible to book in for a one-to one session? Many thanks


Re. More Confidence Now!

Subject: Self Confidence 17th Feb 2007

Hello Robert,

Just to let you know that everything went great last night. I carried this new self-confidence with me and got the same response from others as I did the last time.

Because of that Eva was also the same as before and everything was fine.

Speak to you soon,

Jason E.
Re. More Confidence Now!

From : AW : 9th Jan 2008

Subject: Confidence

Hi Robert, I am a previous client and my name is A.W. and I don't know if you remember but it was around Nov 2001 and I had two sessions to do with Confidence and Self Esteem.  I would like to thank you for your help and those sessions have helped tremendously.  However, you did mention at the time that you were releasing a confidence CD which you believed would further improve my confidence and self esteem. I bought the CD and I have to say that "More Confidence Now" is really helpful and you can show this email other people as you wish. 

Many thanks A.

Re. More Confidence Now!

From : Paul Oliver

27 November 2008

Subject: Hypnosis CD to help with confidence issues

Hi Robert,

No problem as such ! ... Paul Oliver here... I hope you're well ? . Still in Turkey as the credit crunch creeps ever closer, desk by desk ! The CD you sent me is great & I often ' play the part ' in meetings. I would now like to order a custom made recording to help with a special project I'm starting. Sounds a bit schizophrenic I know but is really just an extension of the Paul McKenna change your life / make you rich book. Find that your disk/recording is more effective. Got a shop on there that sells Hypnotherapy cds as well by the way if you have any you want to sell, be happy to put them on.Anyway , Thanks in advance will send you the dosh through PayPal now

Paul Oliver

Re. Relax, De-stress and Unwind

Subject: Cocaine addiction 14th July 2007

Dear Robert,

I want to thank you very, very much. I ordered your Relaxation CD about three weeks ago to help me while I'm coming off cocaine. As soon as I had listened to it for the first time I felt positive, (although I almosy cried a lot during the first listening). I almost couldn't wait to test my reaction to coke if it should come my way. Well, during the last few weeks I have had many opportunities to indulge along with my peers in coke but I am thankful to say I have had absolutely no urge to do any myself at all.

I have had people 'lining up' and snorting right in front of me and it feels so good to turn it down - something I just couldn't do before I listened to your CD.

I feel so confident that hypnotherapy works that I have now downloaded the slimming CD to help me with comfort eating.

Once again Robert I can't thank you enough for the hypnotherapy CD 'Relax, De-stress and Unwind' . I can't quite believe how it has changed me and I am such a fan of hypnotherapy now!!!

By all means use my letter but I would like to remain anonymous


Re. Custom Made CD

Subject: Crohn's Disease


Hello Robert, hope you are well, thought id drop you a line for a progress report. Z...... is looking better lately, he seems to have rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes, he is trying to do whole days at school and he is eating a bit more.  He listens to your CD most nights, often falling asleep, but i tell him thats ok as its still going into his mind.  Robert Ive always believed that the mind is the ruler of the body and i encourage him to think positive.  We will get him well again soon.  The CD youve made him is fantastic and i am so glad i found you.  I will be in touch, thanking you for everything youve done for him, love SC

Update: 9th Nov 2004

Dear Robert, Thankyou for enquiring about my son Z, he is the picture of health now. I have been intending to contact you (I know it sounds like an excuse) but this year has been so hectic for us. He is growing and flourishing every day. Most important he is actually trying new foods! he still takes his CD you made him, to bed, to listen to, to encourage his body to heal itself. In August we took him to Florida to swim with dolphins, fantastic experience. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is not quite sure.  Regards S C

Re. Custom Made CD

From :G : 20th June 2003

Subject: Stammering

Hi Robert,

Just a quick note to say hello, and that all is going well with the self
Hyp CD. I really have noticed an improvement in myself, not only within work
situations; the speech has become much more fluid in many scenarios and

Still enjoying the self hyp CD, I'm trying at least to aim for 4 plays per week, and
I'm due to take "time out" tonight.

I will give you a call soon for a chat.

Thanks for your work and guidance you have provided.

Best Regards,


Update 11.12.03

Dear Robert,

Just a quick e-mail to say that all is going well with the Hypnosis CD, and
it's keeping my stammer pretty much at bay.

Also, I am due to move to T...... this Sunday for a period of two years,
working on the T...... High Speed rail project.

I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.



Update: 10th March 20004

Dear Robert,

I'm sure you remember me, G....J......, You made me a hypnosis CD almost a year ago. As you may recollect, I now live in Taipei, Taiwan, and life is good, and my stammer is in the past.




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