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Life becomes a whole lot easier when you are confident so why not give More Confidence Now a try!  Just listen to the audio samples - or read the feedback for this CD. All titles are recorded by Harley Street practitioner Robert Matthews - who has twelve years full time experience in hypnotherapy and has successfully treated some of the world's best known "A List" celebrities.


Ref: 1004
This hypnosis CD can help you become much more confident and self assured...
(Approximately USD 16.40 EUR 11.65)

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More Confidence Now sample - (3:56)
More Confidence Now sample - (2:32)
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"...Nice content, nice style... I have bought several confidence CDs but have to say that "More Confidence Now" has easily made the most difference so far. I am speaking up more and even find myself walking more confidently(!) I'm sure it is working....believing more in myself....your hypnosis has been very helpful and you can show this email to as many people as you wish....."

Andy Wilson


More Confidence Now! (Length: 41 minutes)

Imagine having much more confidence in every situation in life, enjoying a relaxed, self assured feeling wherever you go! Imagine being less self conscious in social situations or when meeting people for the first time - able to speak as freely and easily as you do with a really close friend or relative.

This recording have been developed over many years using hypnosis to increase confidence. It is also designed to reduce embarrassment, self doubt, feelings of inferiority, fear of rejection or whatever may have been holding you back.

So put on your headphones and get ready for more!




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"Just wanted to give you a brief update... I noticed people reacting differently to me, lots more ‘Hi’s’  and ‘smile’s’ than body language felt different..feeling much more confident and very positive... ."

Saira Chaudhry, London


success stories

Hi Robert, I know this is the WIERDEST thing but apart from being a litle nervous with one other parent at school I have to say my social phobia has gone!  I can honestly say I no longer feel nervous around people whereas I used to shy away or even panic..thank you!!!

Lizz Phillips, Boston


Slim Now And Stay Slim:


£11.99 weight loss

Slim now and stay slim!

Has it ever occurred to you that there may be a simple, straight forward way to solve your weight problem? Well that method is right here, right now! It's called hypnosis!

'Slim Now and Stay Slim' is designed to use use the power of hypnosis - not just to help with food cravings, eating habits, exercise motivation and so on - but also to help install the 'mind set' that people who control their weight easily and permanently, often take for granted.

Hypnosis can have a powerful and lasting influence over the way you think about food, over your appetite, hunger cravings, exercise and so on. This recording enables you to start harnessing that power right now - and each time you listen, it will help you a little further on that journey to becoming and remaining your natural, slimmer body weight for the rest of your life!


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"Firstly I would like to thank you for the self confidence boosting Mp3. I feel much more outgoing and less tongue tired..the big test will be when I go out this Friday..I'll update you next week!!

M. Brierly, Stoke


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