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I trained as a hypnotherapist back in 1995 at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and am a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Also in the '90s I lectured in Psychology for a short time at Thames Valley University whilst studying for a PhD. in Parapsychology under the supervision of Susan Blackmore.


Robert Matthews hypnotherapy


My interest in hypnosis audio began in 2003 when I became one of the first hypnotists in the world to offer custom made hypnotherapy CDs on the internet.

I have a background as a composer and musician, and these days write most of the music that you'll hear in the background during my live and recorded sessions. This enables me to make sure that the music and sound effects are suitable for voiceovers and have that special hypnotic quality. The right music can help take people very easily and rapidly into hypnosis - but it must be the right kind or it can have the opposite effect. Also, it can dramatically deepen hypnosis, evoke very strong emotions and enhance the power of hypnotic suggestion.

I've been hypnotising people for over fifteen years now and have treated not just dozens - but literally thousands of people with hypnotherapy. My reputation has spread far and wide and I had the privilege to hypnotise some of the world's most famous people.

What I treat in daily practice

In a typical year I take on roughly 300 new patients and treat them for a whole A-Z of problems, usually relating to anxiety or unwanted habits - things such as lack of confidence, phobias, eating disorders, performance anxiety, public speaking, depression, drug addictions, sport performance and so on. I am also founder and principal of the Quit Smoking Clinic UK.

Specialist areas

Since 2004 I have become interested in hypno-dentistry, i.e. using hypnosis to enable people to undergo dental treatment without conventional anaesthetics. As with hypno-surgery, you need to be a good hypnotic subject for this to be practical.

Another area I have become involved in is the use of hypnosis to help those suffering from serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, aids and cancer. I have subsequently written a book "MS: the healing power of the mind".

These unusual applications of hypnotherapy came about when I began experimenting with those of my patients who turned out to be exceptionally good subjects. With the permission of one such patient I suggested in deep hypnosis that he would make a complete recovery from HIV. To my amazement he reported six months later that he was completely free of infection and that his doctors were baffled.


Since my student days studying psychology I have had a special interest in altered states of consciousness and paranormal phenomena, in particular out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Such experiences do not always occur spontaneously, and I have carried out research, using hypnosis, as a means of inducing OBEs in volunteers. Other areas of interest are health psychology, and hemispheric specialisation (left brain/right brain). Working as a hypnotherapist has given first hand insight into the way the mind (e.g. the inability to cope with stress) can bring about physical disease. Also, I routinely ask people if they are right or left handed because I believe there is a lot still to learn about how hemisphericity can dictate aspects of personality.

Stress related problems

The techniques used on my hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads rely on the same hypnosis that I use on a daily basis here in Harley Street, London. As you can imagine, I get asked to hypnotise people to help them overcome the strangest things! Take a look at the custom hypnosis CD page for an A-Z run down of the kinds of problems I treat. But, for the most part, what I am asked to help with most often are problems related to stress.

If you could do with a bit of help with stress yourself, my advice is to take the time and trouble to learn meditation or self hypnosis - it will help you no end. Switching off for twenty minutes or half an hour a day isn't running away from life or missing out on life.

During sleep we are unconscious, obviously the mind can rest and recharge - but it learns nothing, whereas during self-hypnosis or meditation the mind remains fully conscious and alert and gradually learns how to become more relaxed....and that's exactly what you need to cope better with stress! My CD, "Relax, De-stress and Unwind" can take all the bother and effort out of learning these techniques and do it all for you! Not surprisingly it has been the biggest selling title.

Hypnosis Audio

The format of hypnosis audio has changed over the last ten years, people have switched from buying tapes to CDs and now many prefer the convenience of downloading Mp3s. The content and quality of most of the other stuff out there is extremely variable, some of it very good, some of it surprisingly poor....though the overall quality is bound to improve as the years go by. You may be surprised to learn that there are still some within the hypnotherapy profession who are dismissive about hypnosis CDs, and look upon them as something that isn't really worth taking seriously. I think they totally underestimate their massive potential.

In fact, I predict that within the next decade or so every household will posses a hypnosis recording in some shape or form. Future generations will routinely use hypnosis audio for help and guidance.

Nothing will ever replace live, one to one hypnotherapy sessions. Live sessions are completely personalised, dynamic and can employ powerful techniques that are unlikely to be appropriate for recordings. For example, in many situations it would be impractical to use regression or dissociation during a recording because the therapist cannot monitor the reaction from the patient. Also, some hypnosis techniques are often only needed once and need not (or should not) be repeated.

The great thing about hypnosis CDs is that they can take most people quite deeply into a very relaxed and suggestible, hypnotic state. Despite their limitations they can bring about massive, positive changes. Their biggest advantage is that they can be listened to again and again and bring about steady improvements.

Thanks to modern computer technology and broadband the power of hypnosis is now at your fingertips!


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